About CCQ (Counterfeit Country Queen) Cheryl K Warner

Combining the honesty of her country roots, with the heart of Gospel and the energy of rock, her voice provides a mirror in which her listeners and readers see reflections…of their lives…and of their dreams.

Cheryl K. is a sensitive, emotionally moving author, songwriter, and recording artist, and is also an entertaining stage performer, capable of bringing an entire audience to their feet.

Over the span of her career, Cheryl K. has entertained thousands…from Nashville to Las Vegas, Austin to Detroit, and is appreciative of her success in markets all over the world, resulting in large and cherished international fan bases.  Her additional career as an author is off and running, with the successful launching of “Counterfeit Country Queen Dreams” in 2017, followed by a second inspiring children’s new title in 2018, “CCQ Jesus & Nashville Calling,” with subsequent books to follow in her “CCQ Book Series.”

Cheryl K.’s efforts have produced multiple chart-topping singles on national and overseas country and pop charts (fourteen #1’s and 47 chart toppers). Cheryl K. gives much of the credit for her success to God, her family, her fans, her fabulous team, and to Radio and the worldwide DJs. Some of the music producers who have worked with Cheryl K. are:  Norro Wilson, John Golden, and most recently, Jay Vern (Co-Producer with Cheryl K. of four of her most successful albums). All have found her distinctive style to be uniquely individual. Even more impressive is the universal acceptance of her vocal presentation and the messages in her songs. This blend has rewarded Cheryl K. with a consistent worldwide ranking among The Top 200 Most Played Artists, as well as receiving recognition for Grammy balloting in four categories in 2016.  To date, her videos have become “hits” on YouTube and other video outlets, all produced by Wildhorse Entertainment.

Whether in a concert arena, at a state fair or in the showroom of a Las Vegas resort, this strong woman, who embodies passion, poise and grace, has shared her stage with many Nashville headliners. Cheryl K. is also proud to be a voting member of NARAS (The Grammy Awards), CMA Sterling Member (The Country Music Association) and BMI (as a writer and a music publisher). Cheryl K. will touch you with her ability to reach out to her audiences and readers, stirring their emotions as she sings and writes about love, about her faith…about the simple joys and hardships of living. Everyone has their own special time and place to be heard. Like country music itself…CHERYL K. is timeless.  For more information please visit www.cherylkwarner.net